Where do scorpions come from?

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What do Scorpions Eat?

Scorpions are predators. They are part of the spider family. So they feed mostly on other insects. Scorpions eat each other if food is scarce. Crickets are what scoprions eat most in Arizona. Bark scorpions become much more active in the fall when the crickets are jumping.

If you are keeping a pet scorpion then pet shops that will sell crickets for your scopion to eat. Be careful trying to feed wild crickets to your scorpion. If a cricket has come in contact with pesticides then it could kill your pet scopion.

Some larger scorpions have been known to kill small animals and birds. This is uncommon for the Arizona bark scorpions as they are a much smaller species. And because Arizona bark scorpions are nearly blind they are often eaten by other scavangers and predators. Lizards are your friends in controling scorpions and provide a natural pest control solution by eating scorpions.



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In-Wall treatment is a must for effective scorpion control.

Scorpions will live, nest, and breed in the wall voids. There is sufficient water and usually enough bugs for survival in your home. They will rarely come out of the walls. However, they will come out due to over population.



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